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My parents are very wealthy/influential business people. They own multiple multi billion dollar companies. Having your kids married off to the child of another business owner just for the sake of business is quite common. This is important for later.

There was a time when I was younger. My parents left for a vacation so they decided to hire a babysitter. The girl they hired was the daughter of a family friend. She was about seventeen at the time. This happened sometime during mid July

They told us they were only going to be gone a week. On the second day, the girl invited over her boyfriend. She told me to wait in my room. It was really weird how she told me not to come out, no matter what. Even if I heard any noises, I HAD to stay in my room. I figured they were going to be doing “adult stuff”. I quietly stayed in my room and read a book.

The doorbell rang and I heard a dude’s voice. I heard the TV turn on downstairs. Even though I was told not to leave my room, the curiosity of what they were doing drove me crazy. I quietly sneaked out of my room and tiptoed my way down stairs. I peaked around the corner and saw them cuddling while watching the movie.

As my curiosity was satisfied, I went back to my room. Some time went by and I heard yelling come from downstairs. it sounded like they were having an argument. I once again wanted to go see what was going on, but for some reason, the words, “Whatever you do, do NOT come downstairs. Even if you hear any weird noises, promise me you will stay in your room.” echoed through my mind.

It didn’t make sense, when I first left my room to go see what they were doing, I felt fine. But now, there’s this pain in my chest preventing me from leaving my room. After a few minutes of arguing, I heard a blood curdling scream.

The scream sounded like a guy’s voice. It sounded as though as if he were in pain, or was extremely scared. I would say I was surprised that the neighbors didn’t call the police but the TV was so loud that it probably masked the screams.

It was after a few minutes of silence when the fear really started to kick in. Something wasn’t right, but I knew it was most likely safer in my room. I heard some banging downstairs, followed by silence. About an hour had past before I heard the door open. It must’ve been an intruder. I heard steps coming up the stairs.

I threw myself into my closet, fearing for my life. The steps stopped at my door. I heard my door creak open, ever so lightly. I then heard the voice of the babysitter, “Hey buddy, you in here?” Hesitantly, I said, “I’m in the closet”

She opens the doors and chuckles, “Well what are you doing in there you goof?” “Well, I heard a lot of screaming, and then I heard some banging.” I replied.

While it was only for a mere moment, the babysitter’s expression grew stone cold. She immediately smiled and said, “Oh, me and my boyfriend were watching a scary movie. I didn’t want you to come down because I knew it would give you nightmares. Guess I had the volume to high.”I knew she was lying. She wasn’t watching a horror film, she was watching a comedy. I figured it would be better not to say anything.

“Then what was that banging noise?” I asked. Without skipping a beat she said, “Oh, my boyfriend got scared and knocked something over”

“Then, why was there silence for an hour?” I asked. Her gaze grew menacingly cold, “Why are you asking so many question buddy?” I flinched back, knowing that I messed up. She let out a big sigh and said, “Look, my boyfriend wasn’t feeling good so we drove our cars to his place. I helped him inside and talked with him for a little while. Nothing happened, I promise you. We good?” She asked that last question with a smile, but I could tell I was testing her patience and that anymore poking would get me in trouble.

I nodded and she brought me downstairs to watch a movie. Over the next 4 days, my babysitter made meals that had a lot of strange tasting meat inside. It wasn’t bad, but it just tasted funny. I chalked it up to her not cooking it properly. I didn’t get sick however, so that was a bonus. My parents called, letting us know that there was a massive storm, so they would be gone for another week.

After about 10 days of my babysitter staying with me, I decided that I would get a popsicle. I asked my babysitter for one and she told me it was fine. She told me to give her a second so she could grab it for me. The freezer was out in the garage where we kept our popsicles and I already knew where they were. “Don’t worry, I can grab it.” I yell, opening the garage door. I could hear her say something but I couldn’t quite make out what it was. I shrugged it off and went to the freezer.

However, when I opened the freezer door, I was greeted with something more horrifying. The decapitated head of a man with the word, “CHEATER” written across the forehead. The same man she brought to the house a week ago. Not wanting to make a fuss, I closed the door. Before I could turn around however, I felt the babysitter menacingly hug me from the bag with a knife in her hand.

She whispered, almost seductively in my ear, “Hey buddy, I’ve done something very bad. You know I love you but I can’t let this little secret get out. How about this, you keep your mouth shut and act like this never happen, and no one has to get hurt, got that?”

In tears, I slowly nodded my head. “Don’t cry buddy, I won’t hurt you. I love you too much to do that.” She says as she kisses me on the cheek. She stabs a popsicle with her knife and walks back into the house, laughing.

Throughout the years, I would see her at family gatherings, parties, barbecues etc. She would always come up to me and make sure that I kept that incident a secret, which I had and still do. She acts as though nothing ever happened around me, but I can’t stomach being around her.

It’s now the present day and I’ve taken over one of the companies my parents had owned. I got a call from my folks one day, telling me that they wanted to introduce me to my fiance. I knew this was bound to happen someday.

I drive to their house and walk inside. There, I’m greeted by my old babysitter. “What’s she doing here?” I asked, somewhat nervously. “Son, this is your fiance” My father says, pointing to her.

I step back in shock. She approaches me and says, “I think we’re going to have a very happy life together, aren’t we?” She asks maniacally, running her finger up my throat. All while my parents stand but a few feet away from me smiling, I’m fearing for my life, knowing that I’m going to be stuck with this psycho. And sadly, there’s no possible way I’m going to be able to get out of this!

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