A My Husband Brought Home a New Dog that Requires a Special Diet

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A few months ago, my husband brought home a dog; this dog was not a small dog, and it certainly was not a baby. I have always been a cat person, but seeing the smiles on the faces of our children as my husband walked through the door with a dog may have swayed my mind.

Since we never had a dog before, adjusting to things wasn’t easy. One day after noticing we had run out of dog food, I went out to buy some more since my husband wasn’t home. When he came home and saw me feeding the dog he yelled at me and told me not to feed it that garbage, and since then he was in charge of feeding the dog.

I felt guilty for feeding the dog something that could potentially harm it, but ultimately I was left confused as to why my husband never told me anything concerning the dog; more specifically, what it could and could not eat. I brought these concerns up to a close friend of mine who works as a veterinarian so she asked what brand I had been feeding it, but after telling her she said that it was perfectly safe for dogs to eat, and it was in fact a brand often recommended by vets.

The dog and my husband were attached to the hip from the moment he had brought it home, and oftentimes it would would just lounge around in my husbands office so I would never see it. My kids complained about never being able to see or play with the dog, but my husband just shrugged it off. He seemed overly protective of this dog, more so than our actual children.

As time passed, things just started becoming even more strange. My husband would bring home these people who he told me were friends and business partners, but the weird part is that each time he brought someone home it would be a different person; I never saw the same person enter our home twice. These people would go into his office with him, and they wouldn’t leave until after everyone was asleep. I asked him why they would leave so late, but I never was given a solid answer, just “business.”

One night when he told me that he would be bringing home a stranger, I decided to stay up to see what was actually going on. The first explanation that runs through a wife’s mind would typically be “affair,” but the whole situation was so odd that I ruled out an affair after the very first time. After he was convinced that I was sound asleep I went back downstairs and tried to open his office door ever so slightly that way he wouldn’t notice, but the door wouldn’t budge.

I had to know what was going on, so I lowered myself to the ground and peeked through the crack under the door. Not much was able to be seen, but I could make out the dog hunched over, chewing on something. Dogs typically have great senses, and I think it knew I was there because it stopped eating to run over to the door and bark. I quickly gathered myself and quietly ran up the stairs hoping my husband wouldn’t hear, and I tucked myself into the bed pretending to still be asleep. Moments later my husband came trudging up the stairs and opened the door, but he just stood there and I could feel his eyes on me; I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

A few weeks have passed since that night, and I have not seen or even heard from my husband. I’ve noticed that the dog has been hanging around me more and all it does is whine. I think it may be hungry, but I can’t feed it because it requires a special diet and I don’t know what that could be.

(Thanks for reading my short story. If no one caught on, the dog’s special diet is the reason why the husband went missing.)

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